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front-end bootcamp



6th February – 24th March 2017 – IN PROGRESS

27th March – 19th May 2017



10th September 2016 – 2nd April 2017 – IN PROGRESS

25th February  – 10th September 2017

27th May – 17th December 2017


back-end bootcamp



13th March – 12th May 2017[PHP]

22nd May – 14th July 2017[PYTHON]



19th November 2016 – 18th June 2017 – IN PROGRESS[PHP]

22nd April – 5th November 2017[PHP]


Course enrollment


To begin the process of recruitment for the course contact the course coordinator. Remember, however, that the enrollment process is over about 3 weeks before the start date thus any attempt to sign up for the course after that date will be considered individually.


9800 PLN = 240 hours of classes = 41 PLN/h

For companies the price is a net worth (add 23% VAT).

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