Coders Lab brings changes to education

We teach in a state-of-art, efficient way focusing on practice and gaining competences, which in a very short time allow you to change your profession and launch a career as a junior web developer.



“Poland lacks 50 000 IT professionals”

– Sedlak&Sedlak

How do we teach?

Combining the features of language schools and vocational courses, we offer a modern and efficient model of education.


We run in-house courses

We think distance learning does not work well with coding bootcamps. We feel it is best for you to have the lecturer at your side, always ready to provide help and motivation.



We want to teach engaged and motivated people. That’s why before each course you receive a set of prework materials to work on with guidance from your mentor. We want to make sure you really apply yourself to coursework thus we treat prework as a prerequisite for participation in the course and for its effective completion. This self-study should take you about 40 hours, depending on your individual predispositions.


Learning from morning to evening

The course lasts from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but you are expected to revise the material after classes, in the evenings and at weekends.


Development after the course

After the course we offer support to our graduates, always being at their disposal. In addition, we provide them with tasks which help to develop and hone their skills.

What is the recruitment process like?


    Download our course guide and select the city, type of course and mode of studying you prefer. Enroll in our bootcamp by emailing the relevant city branch.



    To qualify for the course you need to take two tests: the first one checking your level of English, the second – testing your reasoning skills.



    After the testing we will give you your final result and arrange a phone call to get to know your goals and motivation to learn.



    We value your time – the day after the phone conversation at the latest – we will inform you whether you have qualified for the course.