Employment support – New Career program

In Coders Lab we make sure that our graduates don’t wait too long before they find a new job in the IT industry and can change their profession. Therefore, we have created New Career Program, which consists of the following elements.



Before, during and after the course you always have access to the mentor. Continuous work with your mentor can guide your development and help you effectively acquire new knowledge. Additionally, we choose to run in-person courses as we want you to be accompanied by an lecturer who will invariably offer help and encouragement.



Robust portfolio

Right from the very beginning you use GitHub – a tool that allows developers to work together and keep all versions of the code as well as showcase their software portfolio.


Professional CV

At the end of the bootcamp we organize a special meeting devoted to getting familiar with the IT job market as such, learning how to prepare a professional CV and what to pay attention to during a job interview. We also cover the most frequent interview questions so that you are ready to enter a job interview without unpleasant surprises or uncertainties.


Career support

The program of the course is designed in collaboration with companies employing developers to facilitate a quick job placement. At the end of the course, your CV along with your Github portfolio and Linkedin profile are sent to our partner companies – software houses, advertising agencies and companies with highly developed technology departments. Then the interested companies select candidates for individual job interviews. The fact that our classes are taught by experienced practitioners significantly increases your chances of finding a job. In fact, over 80% of our graduates find work after the course.

Hear from companies that employ our graduates